Your Experienced Digital Marketing Partner

Without digital marketing, your business is dead.

The world has changed. Not adapting to inevitable changes can shorten your business lifespan, and surely that’s not the result you’ve envisioned when you launched your brand. 

To keep your business stand out among the big sharks in the vast ocean, it is time to consider working with a digital marketing expert, who is responsible for, but not limited to:

  • increasing your online presence
  • generating leads

Why Lixia Technologies is your Go-to Expert

We are an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney committed to driving growth for your business. We strive to understand your challenges, and we create actionable steps that push your business forward. In short, you are the ship, and we are your axial thrust.

When you work with us, we’ll help increase your ROI through our proven marketing strategies, so you can focus on product innovation.

How Would your Business Benefit once you Choose Us

At Lixia Technologies, we specialise in Social Media Marketing, and it’s our #1 priority to build awareness for your brand, increase your traffic, and promote your products and/or services through the following:

Setting up, managing, and updating of Social Media account(s)

Having social media accounts is not enough. You need to publish consistently to let your target audience know that you exist. And that’s where our experts come into play. 

Our team develops a strategic game plan and creates eye-catching content that boosts engagement and leads.

Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

An advertising campaign is designed to achieve a particular purpose. Such purpose includes brand recognition, website traffic, and sales increase. 

Whatever your objective, our Digital Marketing Sydney experts will craft photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, IGTV advertising, among others, with a unique messaging approach tailored for your business needs.

Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising

Social media ads are effective only when they’re geared toward specific audiences. Before starting the project, we’ll work closely with you to understand your business buyer personas such as demographics, behaviours, and specific interests. 

After narrowing down your audience, our team with creative juices flowing will create relevant ads targeting your potential clients, increasing your bottom line.

Facebook conversion tracking and reporting 

Facebook pixel is a great tool that shows all of the valuable actions your website visitors have taken after interacting with your ads. Setting up the said analytics tool, however, can be quite complicated. Failure to set it up correctly can either make or break your advertising campaign. 

To ensure the campaign’s success, our professional Facebook Ads Specialists are here to properly set up and manage your Facebook pixel. We’ll track and analyse the effectiveness of every campaign and use the data to target new potential clients as well as retarget people who have already completed your end goal.

Wrapping It Up: Digital Marketing is Here to Stay

Technology constantly evolves, and so too the way we do business. Gone are the days when traditional marketing was the norm. To stay relevant in the competitive market, it’s important to leverage internet marketing.

If you need help with running online marketing campaigns to grow your business, do get in touch with us. It’s our mission to come up with a master plan that brings massive results. 

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